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Jenny Hawkinson is a Vancouver-based visual artist working with a range of media; including video, textiles, sculpture and installation art. Her art practice is socially engaged and explores the nuances of displacement, contested territory and homecoming. While these themes are not explicitly referenced in every artwork, they provide the landscape and context for which the artworks exist. With an artistic practice that is place-based, her interest in borderlands has lead to independent artist research residencies in Alert Bay, Israel and Palestine and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Hawkinson’s artistic process excavates narratives: collective memory, symbols and aesthetics. Her research method includes working with found materials to better understand place. In Alert Bay, she constructed a miniature houseboat from cedar shingles found on a burn pile. In Belfast she worked with Irish linen and bricks. In the West Bank; ceramic fragments from demolished houses. These materials come with their own stories.

She deftly wields her art practice as a way to understand the world(s) around her. Her work playfully explores the connection between politics and poetics and seeks to engage dialogically with socio-political (human) issues.